Cashmere goats

The Hermit Pond Farm cashmere goats are almost all black, with fine crimpy cashmere fiber and - mostly - short guard hair

Cashmere goat kids

At Hermit Pond Farm, kids are typically born in April and ready to move to a new home in July.

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Cashmere bucks

Cashmere goats get to keep their horns, which keep them cool in the summer and make the bucks strikingly handsome.

Cashmere Goats

Cashmere goats represent a type of goat rather than a breed, although a breed may be defined in the future.  All goats except for Angora goats produce an undercoat that is softer and finer than the outer coat of guard hair, and cashmere goats have been bred to produce fine, crimpy cashmere that is long enough to spin and that is produced in high volume.  Cashmere fiber must not exceed 18.5 microns in diameter.   And yes -- goats are the only source of cashmere!

Ella and the kids