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The Hermit at Hermit Pond Farm

I came to this scenic spot in the hills of Central New York as a refugee from city life in Chicago about 25 years ago.  The quiet beauty of the woods and fields suits me well, and it has turned out to be a fine place to raise cashmere goats and assorted stray cats.   At the moment, it is home to about 75 cashmere goats and 9 cats.   The cats all arrived at random intervals, but the goats are the result of 22 years of careful breeding for fine fiber and solid conformation.

A few of the boys

Enjoying the pasture

Bucks have been borrowed and purchased from farms throughout the Northeast to enrich the bloodlines.   Recently, two bucks from champion stock in Colorado were purchased.

A few of the does

Showing off long guard hair

A few of the HPF goats have long guard hair, which can look elegant and which can protect the cashmere, but which can also make combing out the cashmere more challenging.

A few of the cats

Enjoying the front proch

What can I say?   They just show up, and they co-exist well with goats.